Thursday, March 27, 2008


As an at home mom I despise the question, "Are you employed?" If they want the real answer it would be yes. I am a cook, baker, taxi driver, maid, banker, judge, juror, prosecutor, defense attorney, therapist, nurse, bouncer, referee, hair and clothing stylist, professional discount shopper, laundry attendant, receptionist, student, teacher, artist, writer, mathematician, coordinator, repairman, pharmacist, office manager, photographer and nanny. I am the keeper of the cheerios, the trampoline, the listening ear....
I AM THE MOM! I do have a just doesn't pay much for $, but it has great benefits!

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bestmommyever said...

I love all those details of what a mother does. That is great. You are such a good mommy Amy. You remember that when you are busy with school, didn't you go back this week?