Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Have you ever needed to pray, but not quite sure how to find the words to express the emotions in your heart? How do I move this weight while I talk to the Almighty? I have found myself in this boat a lot lately. I have so much going on that I just don't know how to speak..what to say..how to express...

I have realized that I do not necessarily need to speak, I need to commune. He can read my heart, He knows what I am feeling, He knows my heart, He knows why I feel the way I do, even if I don't. The most wonderful thing is that He has felt all of these emotions before. He felt them for me, He felt them for you, He felt them for all the people that choose to believe in His marvelous glory! He can take that weight that is holding down my chest, and He can help me to see clearly.

Lord God, let me forever commune with Your beautiful light!


Jer & Liz Nyenhuis said...

Amy~I have had numerous occasions where I couldn't find the words to say when I prayed. Someone recently told me that, when we can't find the words to pray, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to God for us. Then, we need to "be still" and listen for God's answer in the calm, in the still, small voice.

I hope the Holy Spirit finds the words you can't find and that you hear God's voice in the quietness. (((hugs)))

Life is Love said...

I find that most of the time when I pray it is after Shawn and the girls are in bed. Even if I am laying bed, it seems to be the quiet time where I can get my thoughts out there. He knows us better than we do.
Love and prayers,
Your sis