Sunday, August 03, 2008


It has been a long time since our family has felt a real connection to a community of believers like we have right now. I have gotten a chance to know some really amazing women in our church, and I cannot express how much that has meant to me. Some of these women are people that I never thought I would even have a simple conversation with. I am very excited to be apart of a community of women that is trying really hard to get rid of the "cliques" and who want to honestly be apart of a COMMUNITY.

Lord, I pray that you bless our relationships and help us to be stronger for you and an encouragment to each other. Please help us to be Godly women who seek your face and and glorify you with pure relationships. Keep us in your sights and guide us to make good decisions that prevent us from falling into worldly drama traps that many relationships face. Thank you Lord for these new friends! Amen

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