Thursday, March 27, 2008


As an at home mom I despise the question, "Are you employed?" If they want the real answer it would be yes. I am a cook, baker, taxi driver, maid, banker, judge, juror, prosecutor, defense attorney, therapist, nurse, bouncer, referee, hair and clothing stylist, professional discount shopper, laundry attendant, receptionist, student, teacher, artist, writer, mathematician, coordinator, repairman, pharmacist, office manager, photographer and nanny. I am the keeper of the cheerios, the trampoline, the listening ear....
I AM THE MOM! I do have a just doesn't pay much for $, but it has great benefits!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I cannot believe that I forgot about this blog! It feels like so much has changed in a year. Emily is now 2 and a holy terror. She back talks like crazy and antagonizes the boys every chance that she gets. She has a sweet little face, but don't let that fool ya...she knows how to push the buttons. Ben is 4 and currently is in preschool, along with Noah who is 5. They can be best friends and worst enemies. Anyone with boys so close together can sympathize I'm sure. Kiya is 8 and as beautiful and smart as ever. Too smart for her own good sometimes. Tony and I are both currently enrolled full time at Baker College. He also has 2 jobs and considers himself a weekend dad, unfortunately it is true. He is so busy, but he wouldn't rather be anywhere else than with his kids. We just have to get through this time first. When he is with the kids he is litterally no where else. He loves them so much! That makes me love him more and more....
I am struggling with the realization that going to school ultimately leads to actually getting a job outside the home. I am nervous about not being there for my kids if they need me, about not being able to balance work and family, about letting my responsibilities around the house lack. I always dreamed of being home when my children got home from school, having snacks ready for them and being that "Leave It to Beaver" mom, unfortunately I do not think that will ever happen. First of all I am far from being the "perfect" mom and second of all this society almost requires 2 incomes in order to survive in the real world. I am so sick of the cost of living going up like we've never seen before! How is a low income family supposed to survive in this struggling economy? We are feeling the affects so hard right now, thank God we finally got our house financed with a fixed rate! Of course that didn't come without its obstacles.
I miss the times when things felt easier...Tony was youth pastor and music leader(2 things that he loved more than anything), we were in church 3 times a week, we were closer to God, we had a clear direction for our family. It seems that things just get lost in the hussle of everyday life, when do things get clear? My children are my world and I just want them to be happy and have a good life. They are my everything and I am deathly afraid of missing one important minute with them. I have had so much loss in my life and am petrified of any more. You never know what will happen in life, only the Man Up Stairs knows what will happen.