Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"I know there will be days there will be pain to bring you glory."

I have been thinking of the path that brought Tony and I together. We were supposed to meet plenty of times before we actually did because of a mutual friend, but God had other plans. I had to go through many trials before that could happen, before I was ready to hear what I needed to hear from God through Tony. He also needed to experience some things before he could show me His mercy. I was on a downward spiral when Tony came into my life. God knew when I would need intervention and knew the perfect time to bring Tony into my life to glorify Him. Tony persevered through all my baggage and never gave up on me when plenty of other "people" would have. God knew that about him. The wonderful thing about our marriage is that we are always there for each other and support each other through everything. I know that these things should be obvious in a marriage, but for many they are not. So my point in all this is to say-

"Thank you God for my wonderful husband and the pain we had to endure to be ready for each other and You. I pray that you continue to bless our relationship and our beautiful family. Thank you for the many people that help us through our struggles, including our new family at Faith Harbor. Thank you for this church and I pray that you bless this ministry and the many people that work so hard to make it a success. If it were not for You it would be impossible to have this place of worship. Thank you so much for all the blessings you pour down on us and I pray that we gorify You with each and every one of them. We love you~Amen"

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